Earthquake Catalogs

The data listed for each region have been reviewed by an analyst, but may not be final. The listings may include some blasts.

Production Catalogs

  • Utah Authoritative Region 1981 – September 30, 2018 Hypo71 sum format or .csv file
  • Yellowstone Authoritative Region Earthquake 1982 – September 30, 2018, Note: the YNP network was not operational 1982-1983, the few earthquakes from that time period were located with the Utah Network stations.  Hypo71 sum format or .csv file
  • Moment Tensor Solutions – Coming Soon

Pre-Digital Catalogs

  • Utah Region 1850 – 1962, The University of Utah historic catalog contains earthquakes from the year of publication of the first newspaper in Utah, through June 1962. Historical format or .csv file
  • Utah Region July 1962 –  September 1974 The catalog is based on instrumental earthquake locations from a skeletal regional seismic network of less than 10 stations statewide. Hypo71 sum format or .csv file
  • Utah Region October 1974 – 1980 Data are available from a denser network of high-gain telemetered stations, enabling significantly better locations and magnitude determinations than for the previous time period. Hypo71 sum format or .csv file
  • Yellowstone USGS Catalog 1973-1981 Hypo71 sum format or .csv file

Special Studies

Earthquake catalogs as part of research projects from UUSS.