1967 – Marysvale, UT – M 5.2

Intermountain Seismic Belt Historical Earthquake Project

October 4, 1967 – Marysvale, UT – M 5.2

In the early morning of October 4, 1967, shaking from a magnitude 5.2 earthquake awakened residents of south central Utah.

The earthquake was reported felt in the communities of Marysvale, Richfield, Bicknell, Beaver, Koosharem and Burrville, Utah. There were no reports of injuries.

A resident from Bicknell reported that stairs shook, windows rattled and closet doors were banging. Reports from Richfield indicated that walls shook, goods fell from store shelves, and a sound like thunder could be heard accompanying the earthquake.

Damage consisted of cracks in walls, broken jars and bottles, and fixtures shaken off mountings.

The earthquake also triggered a minor rockslide on U.S. Route 89 in Marysvale Canyon.

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