1944 – Central Idaho – M 6.1

Intermountain Seismic Belt Historical Earthquake Project

July 12, 1944 – Central Idaho – M 6.1

On Wednesday, July 12, 1944 at 12:30 p.m. (local time), a magnitude 6.1 earthquake occurred in the Central Idaho area, approximately 20 miles west of Custer, Idaho.

The shaking caused some individuals to flee homes and other buildings, but no injuries were reported.

There were reports of swaying buildings and light fixtures, moving furniture and stopped clocks. Some minor damage occurred from falling dishes.

The earthquake was reported felt in local cities of Boise, Nampa, Garden Valley and Idaho City, Weiser, Caldwell and Payette. Individuals in Juntura, Oregon; Ontario, Oregon; Spokane, Washington; and Helena, Montana also reported ground shaking.

In Idaho City, telephone lines were overwhelmed with calls inquiring if the shaking was due to explosions or bombs.

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