1914 – Ogden, UT – M 5½ ±

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May 13, 1914 – Ogden, UT – M 5½ ±

People from Collinston, Utah to Riverton, Utah were shaken as a magnitude 5½ ± earthquake struck Ogden, Utah at 10:15 a.m. on Wednesday, May 13, 1914.

In Ogden, shaken buildings sustained cracks and plaster damage to walls as well as downed chimneys. Various parts of the city reported cracked windowpanes.

In Farmington, Utah and Bountiful, Utah those in two-story buildings were frightened as dishes rattled and furniture moved.

In downtown Salt Lake City, Utah some workers in tall office buildings wondered if the shaking was due to an elevator that had dropped to the basement. Some frightened individuals hurried out of buildings. During a meeting at the Salt Lake City and County building, the chandelier overhead swayed and the table shook. Those in nearly all offices felt chairs shake and tables rock, however, those in hallways did not feel the shaking. In addition to the business district, south and southwest Salt Lake City felt strong shaking that caused dishes to fall to the floor.

No significant damage and no injuries were reported for this earthquake.

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