1909 – Hansel Valley, UT – M 6 ±

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October 5, 1909 – Hansel Valley, UT – M 6 ±

A magnitude 6 ± earthquake occurred at 7:50 p.m. on October 5, 1909, approximately 25 miles west of Garland, Utah. Shaking from the earthquake was felt over an area of approximately 30,116 mi2 (78,000 km2), extending from southern Idaho to northern Utah County, Utah.

Reports from Preston and Dayton, Idaho noted that the earthquake was accompanied by a distinct rumbling noise. There were reports of considerable damage in Malad, Idaho, though the type and extent of damage were not noted.

In Plymouth, Utah, the shaking frightened people and caused birds to fly from trees. At Duckville, Utah, and other locations in Bear River Valley, Utah, several chimneys were shaken down.

Shaking was felt in some areas of Cache County, Utah, terrifying people, causing some to flee from buildings and causing some to be nauseated. Dishes rattled, water was sloshed from washbasins, and wall hangings were shaken. Windows were broken, but most damage was minor. Lights went out temporarily in Logan, Utah.

The earthquake was strongly felt in Ogden, Utah. In some locations the shaking caused generators and power lines to shut down temporarily. Ogden and other locations in Weber County, Utah, reported that the shaking rattled windows and shook items from shelves. In Ogden, dishes were knocked to the floor, pictures swayed on walls and furniture was moved. The shaking was felt distinctly in upper floors of buildings.

Passengers riding on trains from Brigham City, Utah, to Salt Lake City, Utah, at the time of the earthquake reported feeling the undulations of the earth.

At Saltair Resort on the south shore of the Great Salt Lake, Utah, the resort building swayed and waves of water began rolling over the bathhouse pier. Targets at the shooting range swung back and forth.

Reports from Salt Lake City, Utah, noted that people felt the floors of their houses shift below their feet. Some people fled from buildings. People on streets had trouble walking and experienced nausea. Walls and windows were cracked. Hanging lights swung back and forth, wall pictures were shaken to the floor, dishes rattled and items were shaken from shelves. Shaking was more pronounced in higher stories of buildings. In some areas, electricity was out for several minutes. Telephone operators reported peculiar crackling of telephone wires.

No serious damage was reported and no injuries or deaths were reported for this earthquake.

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