1908 – Milford, UT – M 5.0

Intermountain Seismic Belt Historical Earthquake Project

April 15, 1908 – Milford, UT – M 5.0

The 1908 Milford, Utah earthquake occurred the evening of Wednesday, April 15. Two newspaper articles reported that the shaking occurred at approximately 8:30 p.m. local time.

The shaking was reportedly most severe in the Utah communities of Milford and Newhouse. The earthquake was also felt in Beaver, Utah. The earthquake was not recorded by seismograph instrumentation in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A roaring sound preceded the shaking according to one report. People ran into streets. Some fainted. Many people experienced a sensation of seasickness due to the earth movement. No fatalities were reported.

Houses shook and windows rattled. Glassware fell from shelves. One person in Milford reported that bureau drawers opened from the force of the shaking. One report expressed the likelihood that damage had occurred inside most homes in the Milford area.

There was also a report of gas being emitted from Mt. Baldy, located northeast of Beaver.

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