1905 – Shoshone, ID – M 5½ ±

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November 11, 1905 – Shoshone, ID – M 5½ ±

At 3:26 p.m. on Saturday, November 11, 1905, a magnitude 5 ½ ± earthquake occurred approximately 5 miles southwest of Shoshone, Idaho.

Reports from the town of Shoshone indicated that dishes were knocked from shelves, and cracks occurred in some stone and brick buildings. Widespread damage to ceiling plaster was also reported.

The earthquake was reported felt to the west in Glenns Ferry, Idaho where dishes rattled; northeast in Hailey, Idaho where dishes rattled and glass was broken in some window panes; and to the northwest in Idaho City where the earthquake was widely felt but no damage was done. Felt reports from Boise, Idaho indicated that the earthquake was particularly felt by individuals working on higher floors of buildings where the shaking caused furniture and light fixtures to move.

The earthquake was distinctly felt to the southeast in Ogden, Utah and Salt Lake City, Utah—particularly by those working in upper floors of buildings. The shaking caused many individuals to flee from buildings. Some reported that bookcases, furniture, pictures, light fixtures and appliances moved. Dishes rattled and some clocks stopped. Some individuals reported feeling dizzy and nauseous. However, no significant damage or injuries were reported.

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