1901 – Southern Utah – M 6½ ±

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November 13, 1901 – Southern Utah – M 6½ ±

A magnitude 6½ ± earthquake occurred near Richfield, Utah, at 9:39 p.m. on Wednesday, November 13, 1901. The earthquake was reported felt within an area of 130,000 km2 (roughly 50,000 mi2).

There were reports that the earthquake was accompanied by a roaring sound. The earthquake caused suspended light fixtures to swing, and stopped clocks in many locations. There were a number of reports that the earthquake alarmed animals causing them to call out and behave erratically.

Utah towns reporting damage included: Richfield, Beaver, Joseph, and Elsinore. In these locations there were widespread instances of downed chimneys, cracked walls—particularly in stone and brick buildings, roofs damaged by falling chimneys, and broken windows. Dishes and other goods were shaken from cupboards or shelves and broken. People were greatly frightened with some fainting or rushing into the street.

No loss of life was reported as a result of this earthquake. However, there were reports of a number of near misses from falling walls and ceilings.

Near Marysvale, Utah, cracks in the ground were observed, measuring anywhere from one to 18 inches in width and from a few feet to three hundred feet in length. From some of the larger cracks, fine white sand and water was ejected.

About a mile east of Koosharem, Utah, the ground was greatly disturbed. Some places had sunk and in other places soft earth was thrown up. In one location, earth slid down covering a canal. There was also a report of large ground cracks up to three feet wide, filled with water.

Bullion and Cottonwood canyons, near Marysvale, Utah, were rendered almost impassable from large rocks that rolled down onto roads. Near Junction, Utah, large rocks rolled down from hills in East Fork canyon damaging the wagon road. In some places the water volume of creeks increased 30-50 percent.

There were reports of flashes of light along the ridges and crests of mountains in Piute and Sevier counties.

The earthquake was also reported felt in Salt Lake City, Utah, particularly by those in upper floors of buildings.

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