1887 – Kanab, UT – M 5.7

Intermountain Seismic Belt Historical Earthquake Project

December 5, 1887 – Kanab, UT – M 5.7

On Monday, December 5, 1887 a magnitude 5.7 earthquake occurred in Kanab, Utah.

It was reported that dishes were shaken from cupboard shelves in several houses. Clocks stopped, and bricks fell from tops of chimneys and some cracks in houses were observed. The shaking frightened many people in the community. In some cases, people who were walking were thrown to the ground by the shaking.

One resident reported that a loud rumbling sound accompanied the shaking. His house shook, the clock stopped and the house door slammed shut. He discovered several cracks in the west wall of his house, one of which ran straight down through the rock foundation.

Tons of rock reportedly fell from nearby cliffs, raising clouds of dust.

No significant damage nor injuries were reported for this earthquake.

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