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The sizes of symbols scale with earthquake magnitude, and their color with either the age of the earthquake or its depth, as shown in the legend below, and selected in the panel to the right of the map.  Clicking on an earthquake symbol shows its basic details and a link to a page with more details about the individual earthquake. Probable surface explosions (usually due to quarrying or road building) are shown as stars.


FORGE Utah is one of two candidate sites selected for phase 2 of a national research facility for testing and development of new technologies for geothermal power generation. UUSS is responsible for monitoring background seismicity and potential seismicity related to operations. A five-station seismic network has been installed in close proximity to the proposed site, and is capable of reliably detecting and locating earthquakes down to magnitude zero. All raw waveform data can be viewed through webicorders available on this site, and can be downloaded through the IRIS DMC.

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