Yellowstone 3D Catalog

The 3D velocity model re-located catalog for Yellowstone spans the time from 1972 through March 31, 2022.
The data from 1972 – 1981 have the following reference:
Husen, S., and R.B. Smith (2004), Probabilistic earthquake relocation in three-dimensional velocity models for the Yellowstone National Park Region, Wyoming, Bull. Seismo. Soc. Am., 94 (3), 880-896.
and use the 3-D velocity model of:
Husen, S., R.B. Smith, and G.P. Waite (2004), Evidence for gas and magmatic sources beneath the Yellowstone Volcanic Field from seismic tomographic imaging, J. Volcanol, Geotherm. Res., 131, 397-410.
The data from 1984 – present use the same process to do the re-location as Husen and Smith (2004) but are re-located using the 3-D velocity model of:
Farrell, J., R.B. Smith, S Husen, and T. Diehl (2014), Tomography from 26 years of seismicity revealing that the spatial extent of the Yellowstone crustal magma reservoir extends well beyond the Yellowstone caldera, Geophys. Res. Lett., 41, doi:10.1002/2014GL059588.
The columns are as follows:
  • longitude
  • latitude
  • year
  • month
  • day
  • magnitude
  • depth (km relative to sea level)
  • hour
  • minute
  • second
  • rms
  • # of observations
  • gap
  • x uncertainty (km)
  • y uncertainty (km)
  • z uncertainty (km)