Earthquake Catalogs

These are catalogs generated by UUSS for the UUSS monitored regions (Utah & Yellowstone) and other specialized studies.

User’s Guide

Digital Catalogs

These catalogs where created using modern digital waveforms.   They represent the most standardized catalogs for our regions.  These catalogs are part of the searchable ComCat catalog.  They use a different datum (sea level) than the earlier catalogs.

Pre-Digital Catalogs

These catalogs were created with the best data available at the time, but have not seen the same level of processing and rigorous standards as is possible with digital data.  The datum for these catalogs is 1.5km for Utah and 2.0km for Yellowstone.

  • Utah Region July 1962 –  September 1974. The catalog is based on instrumental earthquake locations from a skeletal regional seismic network of less than 10 stations statewide. Hypo71 sum format or .csv file
  • Utah Region October 1974 – 1980. Data are available from a denser network of high-gain telemetered stations, enabling significantly better locations and magnitude determinations than for the previous time period. Hypo71 sum format or .csv file
  • Yellowstone Region USGS Catalog 1973-1981. Hypo71 sum format or .csv file

Specialized Earthquake Catalogs

Earthquake catalogs as part of research projects from UUSS.