Utah Advisory Committee for Urban Strong-Motion Monitoring


Under the management structure of the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS), guidance at the regional level is provided by a Regional Advisory Committee composed of end users of seismic information. Utah is part of the ANSS Intermountain West (IMW) Region, whose Regional Advisory Committee is described in Section 1.5 of FY2002 ANSS Implementation Plan–Intermountain West (IMW) Region.

The ANSS management plan recognizes that the urban monitoring component of the ANSS will likely require local or state-level advisory groups, linked to the Regional Advisory Committee, to guide implementation. The Utah Advisory Committee for Urban Strong-Motion Monitoring serves this purpose for the state of Utah. The committee advises an implementation/working group made up of seismologists at the University of Utah Seismograph Stations who have developed a real-time urban strong-motion network in Utah with joint funding from ANSS and the State of Utah.

At both the state and regional levels, the advisory committees (1) review planning documents and provide guidance on the local/regional implementation of the ANSS, (2) critique and review proposed instrument site locations, (3) serve as strong advocates of the ANSS, and (4) foster participation of interested parties, including those from the private sector.


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