Earthquake Catalogs

The data listed for each region have been reviewed by an analyst, but may not be final. The listings may include some blasts.


Utah Catalogs
Historical Earthquakes 1850-1962 (462 earthquakes)

(The University of Utah historic catalog contains earthquakes from 1850, the year of publication of the first newspaper in Utah, through June 1962.) Historical Format or .csv file

Uniform Moment Magnitude 1850- 2012 (5,388 clustered & 2425 declustered earthquakes)

(A uniform moment magnitude earthquake catalog and background seismicity rates for the Wasatch Front and surrounding Utah region: Appendix E in Working Group on Utah Earthquake Probabilities (WGUEP)) Excel Spreadsheet

Earthquake database for Utah Geological Survey Map 277: Utah earthquakes (1850–2016) and Quaternary faults:

Earthquake Catalog (31,909) & Coal Mining Region catalog (24,493)

The earthquake database described here consists of catalogs (chronological lists of origin time, location, and size), along with explanatory information, for the earthquake epicenters shown on Utah Geological Survey (UGS) Map 277, Utah Earthquakes (1850–2016) and Quaternary Faults (hereafter, “the map”; Bowman and Arabasz [2017]). The seismic events depicted on the map include both tectonic earthquakes and mining-induced seismicity (MIS) associated with underground coal mining in east-central Utah.
The tectonic earthquake data are primarily from a Uniform Moment Magnitude Earthquake Catalog developed for Utah and its surrounding region by Arabasz and others (2016) for the time period 1850 through September 2012. For the map, we extended the catalog through December 2016 and expanded it to include earthquakes smaller than magnitude 2.9. MIS was excluded from the compilation of Arabasz and others (2016) but has been added to the map to show its significance in east-central Utah. ArcGIS files and Excel Spreadsheet

July 1, 1962 – Sept. 30, 1974 (801 earthquakes)

(The July 1, 1962, to September 30, 1974, catalog is based on instrumental earthquake locations from a skeletal regional seismic network (less than 10 stations statewide before 1974.) Hypo71 sum format or .csv file

Oct. 1, 1974 – Dec. 31, 1980 (4,765 earthquakes)

(Beginning in October 1974, data are available from a denser network of high-gain telemetered stations, enabling significantly better locations and magnitude determinations than for the previous time period.) Hypo71 sum format or .csv file

Jan. 1, 1981 – December 31, 2016 (50,465 earthquakes)

(Beginning in January 1981, the network data were recorded digitally) Hypo71 sum format or .csv file

July 1, 1962 – December 31, 2016 (56,031 earthquakes)

(Entire Catalog) Hypo71 sum format or .csv file



Yellowstone Catalog

UUSS & USGS combined catalog 1973 – December 31, 2016 (45,214 earthquakes)

(note: the YNP network was not operational 1982-1983) Hypo71 sum Format or .csv file

UUSS catalog 1982 – December 31, 2016 (39,008 earthquakes)

(note: the YNP network was not operational 1982-1983) Hypo71 sum Format or .csv file

USGS catalog 1973 – 1981 (6,003 earthquakes)

Hypo71 sum Format or .csv file