UUSS Staff Directory

The UUSS complement encompasses a group of five Ph.D. seismologists and tectonophysicists (one regular faculty member, three research faculty members), 12 full- and part-time staff, and students. Activities of this scientific group involve an intimate mixture of university education, research, and public service.


UUSS Faculty

Dr. Keith D. Koper, Director of Seismograph Stations; Professor of Geophysics: koper @ seis.utah.edu

Dr. Kristine Pankow, Associate Director of Seismograph Stations; Research Associate Professor of Geology & Geophysics: pankow @ seis.utah.edu

Dr. James C. Pechmann, Research Associate Professor of Seismology: pechmann @ seis.utah.edu

Dr. Jamie Farrell, Research Assistant Professor: jamie.farrell @ utah.edu

Dr. Robert B. Smith, Distinguished Research Professor and Professor Emeritus of Geophysics: robert.b.smith @ utah.edu

Dr. Walter J. Arabasz, Research Professor Emeritus of Geology & Geophysics: arabasz @ seis.utah.edu

Dr. Hao Zhang, Postdoctoral Research Associate in Earthquake Seismology:

UUSS Staff

Relu Burlacu, Seismograph Network Manager: burlacu @ seis.utah.edu

William Blycker, Computer Professional: william.blycker @ utah.edu

Paul Roberson, Computer Professional/Earthquake Information Specialist: roberson @ seis.utah.edu

J. Mark Hale, Computer Professional/Earthquake Information Specialist: jmhale @ seis.utah.edu

Katherine Whidden, Research Seismologist: whidden @seis.utah.edu

Dave Drobeck, Seismograph Technician: drobeck @ seis.utah.edu

Jon Rusho, Computer Professional/Network Engineer: jon @ seis.utah.edu

Corey Hatch, Computer Professional/Seismic Network Engineer: hatch @ seis.utah.edu

Cynthia Meier, Administrative Officer: cmeier @ seis.utah.edu

Sheryl Peterson, Communications Specialist: peterson @ seis.utah.edu